Cape Coral

Cape Coral von oben

Cape Coral is located in the sun-drenched state of Florida and is primarily known for its many villas and holiday homes. In the meantime many German descendants have settled here.

Cape Coral is a young city , especially by European standards . Late 50s began the boom. In 1957, the 'Gulf American Land Corporation' was founded, which converted the land owned by the brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen to the north of Caloosahatchee River in to a true 'Waterway Wonderland'. Waste land and pasture land was crisscrossed with canals and roads. Overall, Cape Coral now offers 400 miles ( 640 km ) of waterways and canals, some of them with access to the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a wide range of different shops and several sports facilities, public golf courses, restaurants and bars.

Golf: Every Golfer comes here at his own cost. Within the circumference of just a few miles we have over 30 golf courses. Whether a beginner or a pro, here there is a challenge for any golfer. Whether you prefer places with a lot of water, woods or sand, anything is possible. In the USA there is no 'handicap'. Beginner...? And yet want to learn the sport, then you are right here! Make a golf course and experience the magnificent sport soon. By the way - The golf equipment is also about 50 % cheaper in the USA than in Europe!

Ski: Weather: One of the most attractive facilities in Cape Coral and this area in South West Florida is the fantastic weather. The average annual temperature is 23° C, the maximum temperature is 29 ° C and the lowest at 18° C. With an average of 335 bright sunny days and 30 days with limited sunshine, Cape Coral is an ideal sub-tropical holiday destination all year round. The summers are very warm and humid and spring, autumn and winter are simply amazing. During the summer months, most often there's a brief afternoon rain every day. Then the sun shines again and all is well again.



Cape Harbour

In Cape Harbour and Tarpon Point are restaurants located directly on the water. Many dream villas are located nearby. Regular music concerts with live in Cape Harbour Events. Who would not give up shopping place in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers ample opportunity to do so.










Cape Coral Beach

On vacation, the small beach of Cape Coral fun for the whole family. There is also a children's playground. In Boat House at Pier you have to eat the way trifles and to refresh with cool drinks.
In the evening, the Pier attracts many people, some come for fishing and other to the great sunset to enjoy. At times, even events are held here.







Fahrrad Routecycling, we always attractive in Southwest Florida. There new bicycle tours were created by Cape Coral.
Everywhere you look in Cape Coral new signs on the bike wayside.
Whether Bicycle Route CCCC, PPC or Team A, all the routes are different in length and vary from 2.7 miles to 24 miles. All trails are well to combine. The routes are shown on the map in red color, so that it is clearly visible and recognizable. 




Rotary Park  Cape Coral

Rotary Park is the home of the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House, donated and cared for by the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife. You can view all the beautiful butterflies and plants from the outside of the butterfly house every day and you can pick up information on butterflies and how to attract them to your yard. Volunteer time, plants, and supply donations are welcome. Monetary donations are also accepted by the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife for maintenance of the butterfly house


South West Florida is a distinct golfing paradise. In and around Cape Coral there are 89 golf courses, all within an hour's drive. We have listed you 6 beautiful golf courses in the vicinity of our house.

Coral Oaks Golf Course
Yardage: 6623 / 18 Loch / Par 72
Adresse: 1800 NW 28th Avenue, Cape Coral
phone : 573-3100

Royal Tee Country Club
Yardage: 6736 / 27 Loch / Par 72
Adresse: 11460 Royal Tee Circle - Cape Coral
phone : 283-5522

Cape Coral Executive Golf Course
Yardage: 3530 / 9 Loch / Par 60
Adresse: 1006 SE 4th Pl, Cape Coral,
phone: 574-4454

Fort Myers Country Club
Oldest Golf Course in Florida with old trees and lush subtropical vegetation. Open daily from 7:00 am to sunset
Yardage: 6414 / 18 Loch / Par 71
Adresse: 3591 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers
phone: 936-2457

Eagle Ridge Golf Club
Yardage: 6536 / 18 Loch / Par 72
Adresse: 14589 Eagle Ridge Dr SE, Fort Myers,
Telefon: 768-1888

Eastwood Golf Course,
Yardage: 66772 / 18 Loch / Par 72
Cart- und Schlägerverleih / Clubhaus / Restaurant
Adresse: 4600 Bruce Herd Ln, Fort Myers
Telefon: (941) 275-4848.